Sasha Agha and music director Sachin Gupta Both are Arrested in Police Station

Veteran actor Salma Agha is reportedly against her daughter Sasha Agha‘s dating music director Sachin Gupta. She had not beein happy with their relationship ever since it began and she has been vocal about it, but the love birds continued to be with each other. Finally a few days back she couldn’t take it anymore and knocked the doors of the Oshiwara police station. Salma decided to lodge a police complaint against Sachin and thus decided to go to the police station during the wee hours of the night. Sasha and Sachin followed her as they were not okay with Salma’s judgement.

 Sasha Agha and music director Sachin Gupta both are Arrested

According to onlookers, there was a heated argument between the mother and daughter at the police station and the police had to intervene to calm the dramatic situation. If we recall Sasha was last seen in the Arjun Kapoor starrer Aurangzeb, and is waiting for some other future projects to release.


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