Pawan Kalyan Comments On YS Jagan & KCR At Guntur

BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi once again declared that he is always in awe of Pawan Kalyan's speeches. The other day Modi, Chandrababu and Pawan joined hands again to rise up to the cause of Seemandhra and took Tirupathi town by a storm with their fiery speeches.

Combination of Pawan Klayan -Chandra Babu Naidu- Narendhra Modi at tirupati

Turning his guns towards YSR Congress led by YS Jagan, Jana Sena president Pawan Kalyan breathed fire on 'Yuva Neta' the other day for keeping quiet when KCR is foul mouthing Andhra people. 'You want to become Seemandhra CM now, but what have you done when KCR is insulting Andhraites and kicking on our self-respect?', Pawan asked, while presiding at the NDA's first public meet for Seemandhra held in Tiurpathi. To conclude, Pawan has raised the slogan, 'YSRC Hatao, Seemandhra Bachao', confirming that he has decided to take on Jagan strongly in the region. 'Only YSR's family has looted the whole of Telangana, and only during his regime T-demand was made to reach its peaks. They are big threat for Seemandhra now'.

The Jana Sena president hasn't spared TRS boss K Chandrasekhar Rao here too. 'Let them lodge the many cases they want to, but I'm not here to bow before them. KCR has to first tender apology to Modi for making fun of him, and then I'll think about what I should do', said Pawan, making airs clear that he is not ready to apologize anyone from TRS or KCR's family. 'I'm not here to get afraid of KCR's family, if you slap us on one cheek, we will do it to two'. 


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